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Find Homes for Sale in Paradise Valley

Winter home for celebrities, business leaders, and top professionals

Homes in Paradise Valley command big dollars thanks to their large layouts and lack of HOAs in many developments. If you have a lot of money, or just want to fee like you do, PV is the place to go with its close proximity to Scottsdale and the Camelback Corridor as well as some of the finest winter golfing this side of Florida.

Whether you want to buy, build, or rent a gigantic house, you can still get some good prices considering what you would have paid back in 2007 when this market was at its peak. Nonetheless, these homes have held their value, and rebounded, faster than anywhere else including Scottsdale. Paradise Valley has a Fry's Grocery Store with Valet Parking. It has a church that looks like a Frisbee. It has resorts, fancy dining, gated communities, and a quiet, laid back atmosphere. And, now that the Rock Burglar has been caught, you can be assured that any thefts from your house did not involve sophisticated techniques like throwing a rock through the Master Bedroom window.